Why, Western Australia's beauty caught me!

Considering its immense size, spending only a week driving around the coast of Western Australia means I certainly cannot claim to have “done” WA. My short time in WA gave me only a taste of all this side of the country has to offer and left me eager to return. My girlfriend and I flew into Perth, picked up a car and headed South along the coast. These are my 5 favourite places we found along the away.

1. Busselton Jetty

The iconic blue buildings at the base of this jetty make this a great spot for taking some photos, while the jetty area itself has plenty to offer in terms of activities. There’s a natural aquarium, fairground and a couple of nice-looking restaurants. The Jetty itself is one of the longest in the world, so its worthwhile wandering along it to watch locals fishing and jumping into the sea. We arrived during a beautiful sunset, had ourselves a little photoshoot on the beach and then joined some local kids jumping off the jetty while the sun dropped below the horizon.

2. The Wave Rock

Being 4 hours drive from anywhere, I would completely understand why most people would give this spot a miss. However, the uniqueness of this rock formation and the photos we’d seen were enough to get us driving. Once you arrive there’s a short loop walk to do and that’s about it, so this spot may be only for those with their heart set on a photo of themselves and the Wave.

3. Sugarloaf Rock

Sugarloaf rock is a small picturesque island just off the coast near Cape Naturaliste. There’s plenty of rockpools to adventure at low tide and you can walk to a nearby lighthouse, but this place comes to life at sunset. At the right time and with the right lighting the photos you can get from this place are magical.

4. Indijup Natural Spa

The Indijup Natural Spa is a rock pool that bubbles like a hot tub when water from incoming waves pours into it from the surrounding rocks. During the day this is a perfect place to relax, and during sunset it becomes an ideal spot to get some amazing shots of the sun setting through the rocks as the waves come in.

5. The Gap

Based in Torndurrup national park, the Gap is a huge granite channel which has a walkway that hangs above it. Watching the huge surf rolling in and crashing against the shore 25 metres below you is breath-taking. Also, only about 100 metres away is the natural bridge, an impressive granite archway which is definitely worth a look at. If like me you lack common sense and decide to venture of the path at his location, make sure to be very careful. The granite cliffs have very deep crevice’s which would be easy to fall down and the surf here is extremely unforgiving.

>> Honourable mentions: Elephant rocks, kings park in Perth and the Gloucester Tree.

Happy Travels; Tom!

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